Bring Christmas spirit into your home with these tricks


Christmas is a wonderful celebratory time year in year out. Unfortunately, many people find it hard to be excited about Christmas, and fail to be full of the Christmas Spirit. However, this tips will shed lights to you on how to be full of the Christmas Spirit, so that you may be happy during the festive.

  • Decorate as much as you can. Ornaments, Christmas cards, popcorn strings. Hang chocolates and candy canes on the Christmas tree.
  • Book your Christmas leave off work (it is up to your boss to say it’s okay or not). Get your boss a good present too, this may increase their “kindness.”
  • Avoid the crazy crowds. Whatever your reason for the season, nothing can kill the holiday spirit faster than being crushed, bruised in a group of drunk friends. This can be avoided by;

#Make use of the available shops to do your shopping.

  • Reach out to friends and loved ones. Christmas festives can’t get better without reaching out the one you cherish. This can be in the form of cards, telephone call, Skype, We-Chat among others.
  • Enjoy Christmas television. Emphasize on watching together such movies which have sense of nostalgia, humor, morality plays, and fun entertainment.
  • Eat seasonal foods. Encourage seasonal foods such sugar canes, eggnog, pumpkin, cassava, and roasted foods like meat, small intestines either by roasting them by yourself. The aromas from the kitchen combine with the aromas of the evergreens that can transport you back in time to that best Christmas ever!

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  • Divide the family duties. All the work that has to be done at home either prior or after the material day —cooking, cleaning, wrapping, cleaning, more cooking, more cleaning, shopping, more cleaning should be shared so as to ease the work load.
  • Decorate your home. A beautifully-decorated Christmas tree, on top with a shining star, is as traditional as well as symbolic. Fill your house with the flowers with nice scents and lights of the season.

Put candles in the windows symbolize safety and peace all over the world.


  • Read the story of Christmas. To make Christmas morning more frenzy, begin the day by reading Bibles verses such as Luke 2:1-20. You can make a step ahead and memorize it, or read it alone, or involve your family in reading.
  • Exchange gifts. According to the first Christmas, the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh by the wise men to the baby Jesus, it is something traditional but having a significant meaning. Advance small but meaningful gifts to the beloved one, while expecting nothing in return. Ensure the gift has something to symbolize your relationship and love. Spend most of your time and finances to those in need. Put yourself into their shoes how you would feel if you were less fortunate. Try to make those who are suffering to feel accommodated.
  • Make a countdown to Christmas that everyone can see. This will help you to feel more ‘Christmassy’ approach the material day. This also helps keep the little ones stay more anxious until the D-day.