Make your house awesome with these amazing tips


An ideal house does not mean to secure a loan so as to build up a mansion or to win a jackpot so as to put up an eye-cultivating apartment but rather putting the single room or double room in a certain order.

To decorate a house doesn’t have a rule book or a formula to follow but the level of creativity one possesses starting with the floor, wall hangings, curtains, sink dressing among others.

  • Color

Choose the color that matches/complements almost every artwork, rag and any other house appliances you have. Again also, choose the color that last for a longer time to avoid cost incurred in renovation. This is done once you have everything you want inside your house.




  • Give your room a breathing environment

Don’t overcrowd your room but leave some space to maneuver in case of emergency. Make use of the little coins you have to purchase quality pieces but not many which may not last for long.

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  • Place some Artwork at strategic height

Family photos and animal curving can be hanged at some level before ceiling and make the room look awesome.


  • Be familiar on how to arrange your furniture

There are numerous ways on how you can place arrange your furniture on a rug and give your room a beautiful look. Some commonly used methods are;

  1. All on- here you place all the seat legs on the rug
  2. All off- in this case you don’t place any furniture leg on the rug.
  3. Front on- for this type, you place the front legs on the rugs.

NB: Remove all furniture from the walls and this will not harbor any insects like cobweb made by spiders.


  • Establish a focal point

The same way a fireplace connotes the center, the same way a lighting bulb or a common table creates a focal point. Create a focal point considering the number of family members.

  • Vary the scale of the appliances

That which my look good in the store or exhibition place may look like a n elephant in your room. Consider the size of your room before acquiring any material. For instance, don’t purchase a big mirror which fills the room but rather a reasonable one.


  • Erect layers of lighting

Make sure the kitchen, the living room and the study room for the children is well lit and by doing this you will have made the room look awesome.